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6 Tables
Open Now (3:00pm - TBD)
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3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
3:00pm - TBD
collectedpro wrote a review about Cash Casino Red Deer in Red Deer, AB

Wild Calling Stations, Poor Management, Terrible surroundings

Upon arriving at the casino I was very confused as to where the poker room even was. After finding it tuck away in the back I immediately noticed the bright fluorescent lights making it very hard on the eyes, if your going to do a long session. I went to check in as I had called in and the management seemed very chaotic on whether they had a seat open or not. Once they figured out they had a seat you had to buy the oldest chips I have ever seen, many were chipped and cracked. the racks they have are recycled chip carrying cases that fold together to make an enclosed top. Once you get to the table you notice that you sit on very old chairs with plastic wheels that slide around on the tile floor like your sitting in a computer chair on a gym floor. Once you fight the rolling away from the table constantly due to the chairs, you get the players that are extremely aggressive and will call with anything. I didn't mind as I waited for a hand and got a triple up without much stress. The games are soft if you wait for a hand and punish the regulars that are deep and not very good who call with anything. The dealers are hit and miss, if it wasn't for the auto shufflers I would have not stayed long as they can barley keep track of the action, never mind having to shuffle. All in All the weak competition made the trip profitable by turn 300-1000 in 2 hours.

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