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Daskato wrote a review about Casino M8trix in San Jose, CA

Awful place to play

This place is really nice on the inside and outside. Good food, pretty girls that serve drinks, but that's about it. Went here looking for some fun in a new area, but it was nothing short of a mistake.

The people that play here don't have any skill of any kind. Anywhere from a 10 high winning, to a K-5 off getting a thousand dollar pot. The players are just awful. Any good player knows a table full of idiots with to much money is harder to play then a table full of pros. Half of them honestly didn't know what they had til they tossed their cards over and the dealer announced a winner.

It's sad to say, but it was a first and only time for me here. Good luck to anyone who decides to go. Very nice casino, kinda small, but awful, awful players and talent.

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Rkmtt wrote a review about Casino M8trix in San Jose, CA

Rick X

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