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Livepokerrigs wrote a review about Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, CA

Something didn't seem right in no limit game

I visited this casino for the first time before pandemic. I played in low no limit game and didn't like the fact that they used shuffle machine. I asked dealer if he could do hand shuffled and cut the deck twice instead of one time he said yes and hand shuffled the cards then put back into the shuffler. I asked why he didn't deal the cards, he couldn't give me the answer which is very interesting. Also I noticed that every time some random white guy came to my table and played so crazy like calling and raising with any two random cards he seemed to hit everything, he always got the best hand. That night three random white guys came to the table, played the same style, won some money and left. Seemed very shady. I started to ask myself questions if they were legit players. Something didn't seem right. I am an experience player, and I played good poker but I found very hard to win here. Also, it seems like the vast majority of poker players are Asians and Spanish which makes us to be potential target in poker and I think this is something we should be aware of. I hope they will offer hand shuffled game only in the future. Besides poker, everything else was nice. Dealers and floor were nice and professional.

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