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rafficka wrote a review about Cowboys Casino in Calgary, AB

Good for newcomers

Played my first cash game at Cowboys Casino, bought into the $1/$2 NLH for $60 and had a good time! The poker room is pretty cramped, but wait time for a seat isn't too bad, around 20-35 minutes on a friday night. Average stack is much over minimum buy-in, at my table there were 4 people with over $150, and 3 of those people having around $400. Everyone was really friendly even though I made it really obvious I was new to casino poker, managed to stay in the game for a little over an hour before losing an all-in to a straight flush. The dealer at my table was pretty awesome and had a good sense of humor! Cowboys does NOT hold tournaments unfortunately, which would be nice. I didn't get anything to drink or eat, but there was a $5 menu deal going on when I went that looked really good for being $5 a plate. Only real problem is the fact that it's kinda hard to maneuver around the tables when you are trying to get to your seat as the tables are all really close together, but that isn't that big of a deal. Overall it is a really nice room, tables are nice with plenty of room for each player.

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