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LexxJacob wrote a review about Cowboys Casino in Calgary, AB

Nice Place! Watch-out for Creeps!!!

Great location, Great club, and Great DJ, but the guys that come out there are really CREEPY! I mean, my friend was drunk and several east Indians kept hitting on her even after she said NO! GO AWAY! Ladies stand up for yourself and just say NO! And be firm about it! I almost felt like the bouncers should have stepped in and done something about it at one point as these guys seem aggressive sometimes - to the point it appeared as harassment. These guys do prey on drunk girls and you can't miss them - you'll know when you see them! Keep your purse/wallets belongings close to you. Personally, I don't trust anyone who doesn't have integrity!
(FYI: one of our friend who works there told us that these guys do come to cowboys often on the weekends - back to back, so be cautious)

Aside from the creepy experience, everything else seems cool - great friendly staff, clean. I think drinks were reasonably priced considering it is the casino - more than other bars/clubs though. Everyone else seemed to have a chill vibe.

I'd recommend this place to anyone and as for the ladies, again BE FIRM with your response!

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