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oguerra23 wrote a review about Creek Entertainment in Gretna, FL

The dealer makes mistake, the player gets kicked out! wft?!?

Was passing by the area, decided to play some cards, put my name through the app "very useful btw" got there and there was 2 tables, got my seat and proceeded to play, pretty tight crew, I guess they gamble with their rent money, got into a hand ended up winning, I table my hand and the villain does too the dealer immediately mucks my hand and proceeded to push the pot to my opponent, at first I thought it was a joke but when I realized she did it for real I mentioned it and clarify the situation to my surprise instead of an apology I received a mean face which I didn't care as long as they give me my money. Couple hands later same dealer makes another mistake and I made a comment (nothing offensive or obscene) minutes go by the next dealer comes, five minutes after that the "manager-supervisor" walks up to the table and confronts me stating that I had disrespected the dealer therefor I had to leave so I asked tell me what did I say that was disrespectful or call the dealer here and ask her what did I say, well none of that was considered, I was asked to leave without a reason. Didn't feel right after I left I got very upset because there's nothing worse than getting blamed for something you didn't do, I think to be a manager or supervisor you have to be capable of managing a situation in the best interest of your company and the client as well, My advice if you want to have a good time and not get upset avoid this place, NO FUN, NO ACTION, RUDE DEALERS, POOR MANAGEMENT

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