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Like before, nothing flashy about the room. The felts and armrests are new, the chairs are decent but not adjustable. Tables are pretty spaced out and the room is well lit. I've always found this room to have a very comfortable feel to it.

The competition at this room has and will be its selling point. There were a couple decent players, but there were also many weak players that would play weak-passive poker. ABC poker will win here.

The dealers at Excal are almost always enjoyable. The mood seems very different than it used to, probably because many of them are just happy to be working. Most of them will never be the best mechanically, but their personalities more than make up for this.

Cocktail service seemed pretty slow during the busy times, although thats to be expected somewhat. Usually seemed to have one waitress assigned to the room.

The brushes Jon and Peachie are very friendly and welcoming. The second I stepped foot in the room, Jon asked told me they had a seat for 1/2 available for me. Eric is a good floorperson and seems to do his job well. The rating here is brought down by the grave floorperson (big guy, didn't get his name but I know he wasn't part of the original room). Our table got short when a few players picked up and left, leaving us to play 6 handed. He refused to lower the rake 6 handed and there were only 4 open seats at other tables. From what I've seen, 6 handed is the standard for dropping the rake but he declined. Also, multiple dealers notified him that the autoshuffler wasn't working and that it was likely unplugged, yet he seemed uninterested in fixing it. He seemed to just be an unpleasant person and dropped the overall management rating for the room.

Wheel spins and $222 for quad deuces. I'd move this to a 4 once wheel spins for aces cracked returns.

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