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Gaggles wrote a review about Golden Nugget LV in Las Vegas, NV

No Longer A Big Tent

The tent is gone. The roomy spacious area for poker you remembered is no more. The poker room is now deep in the casino and is not actually a room. Rather it is a fenced off section of brass. So once again, if you do not like lot's of noise (which I do) you may not like it here. The room is a bit cramped. Games are 2-4, 4-8 Hold Em and Stud. They claimed a 10-20 game of Hold Em was going on when I was there as well as a low no limit game. I believed them, I just didn't see it.

The players at the table were a bit older (this is downtown after all) I am certain there were regulars there. A few rocks at my table. Some loosy goosy tourists as well. You need to be aware who is doing what. If the rock bets...beware..if the slightly older lady from Alabama bets...she may have the third highest pair.

I found the dealers friendly and sociable. Just remember to wait for an opportune time to chat with them. Few mistakes even though I know from talking that some of them were beginners. Most of them added to the game and were patient with beginners.

The service was a bit slow but in fairness to the waitress she had a long walk to the bar. Never messed up a drink and let me order a pina colada. The girls were a bit older than you some might like but I prefer good service to silicon. However having said that..having both is outstanding!

Provided lots of information and made me feel welcome. Seemed to place players on the list quickly.

I didn't ask about comps but I am told 4 hours of play will get you a buffet if you ask. I cannot remember for certain but I don't think there were bad beats or high hand jackpots.

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