Recent Reviews

Back for a Second Look

This is the nicest room in Vegas. Sofas to sit and wait on. Plasma TV's everywhere. Nice colours, tastefull decor.... Read More

Not a lot of Ambience

Just a big square room with some TV's that are not big enough unless you're table is on the edges of the room. There... Read More

Renovations are Complete

Having seen most, but not all, I would say this is the best poker room in Vegas. Lots of action and numerous tables.... Read More

Bellagio Is Still the King

Obviously the room is in great condition. There is a lot of action and it has a great atmosphere. The tables are nine... Read More

Pretty Darn Swell

The room is currently not a room but rather a sectioned off area of the casino, similar to Ballys. There is a lot of... Read More

Let's Begin

The room has no ambience and does not feel like I am playing poker in Vegas. The free cookies and sandwiches kick... Read More

No Longer A Big Tent

The tent is gone. The roomy spacious area for poker you remembered is no more. The poker room is now deep in the... Read More