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Gaggles wrote a review about Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV

Pretty Darn Swell

The room is currently not a room but rather a sectioned off area of the casino, similar to Ballys. There is a lot of traffic going by, which I like. Lot's of attractive women abound! The chairs are the best in Vegas as they are comfortable and the recline back ever so slightly. The staff are very excited about the construction going on in the new poker room and cannot wait for it to open. They are saying it will have as many tables as Wynn, and a sectioned off tier for the big money games.

As with any poker room in Vegas there are those who do not hold much regard for their money and may wish to see all five cards before they lay down. Overall, however, the players seem to be better here than most places. Similar clientele I would say to the Mirage..perhaps a little better or perhaps just fewer rocks.

I had two sessions in February and observed no dealer errors. Most of the dealers were not overly chatty and seemed to want to deal as many hands as possible. I am rating on effeciency here and not personality. Personality's would put this score at a solid three.

The drinks were not as fast as some places I have played in which is probably a good thing. If you ask you can get premium brands instead of booze from the well. From a superficial stand point, most of the waitresses were not hard to look at.

Tables filled as fast as seats were open. All range of games provided and made available. I had a bit of a wait and the two house men (actually women) were both pretty friendly and seemed to be enjoying their work.

I don't know if they offer anything in the way of comps because I didn't ask. Being that I was at the Bellagio, do I ask for a $10-20 food credit? I decided no. I did find out that there is a casino rate for poker players giving six hours a day. $129 weekday, $199 weekend. That weekday rate for the B. is pretty darn good so I rated the comps a three. This rate applies only when there are no special events taking place. Enjoy.

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