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Gaggles wrote a review about Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV

Not a lot of Ambience

Just a big square room with some TV's that are not big enough unless you're table is on the edges of the room. There is no atmosphere or ambience in this room. It is just a big sterile room full of poker tables. Computerized list is nicely maintained (Hello Bellagio!). I do like the entrance to the room, just off the doors to Pure. It is also easy access from the strip so that is a positive.

I would sy average competition. There were the usual idiots with sunglasses on at our 3-6 game. Pardon me but sunglasses at a 3-6 game does qualify as an idiot. Way to catch a tell for my $3 raise. Lot's of beginners which can be a good thing or a bad thing as those of you who play poker know. I do not like to call people fish as it is derogatory and a bit pompous, however....good play can usually see you with a good days catch.

I never noticed a problem so I'm gonna say average. A comedy show or a chatty dealer is something I am indifferent too. Either is fine, just deal the game efficiently.

Slow to start. After our table started we all waited almost an hour for that elusive first waitress. A generous tip on the first one had her coming back as often as I required after that. As I have said before, most of these ladies are not as attractive as those at Wynn or Bellagio, or Imperial Palace for that matter (IP girls never seem to get credit but I can't recall a bad looking one anytime I've been in there) but then who can make that claim. I prefer good service to silicone. Having both is optimal.

Management was on top of things from what I saw. I felt they were a little slow to open a new table at times. I did get attitude from a security guy while observing a 2-5 NL. He shushed me along. Each player had 3-500 in front of them. This is not a high stakes game! I was going to play as the table was short handed and I'm sure the 4 guys would have wanted more action. Lose the attitude people, that is not big money and don't act like it is. Not a classy move on security's part.

I'm gonna say better than average because they swiped my card for me while I was on the waiting list. That is not gonna amount to much more than a buck or two a trip but the gesture was cool.

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