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Gaggles wrote a review about Harrah's Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Better Than I Though It Would Be

I like the room. It is enclosed just off the sportsbook. There is even an entrance just off the Carnival Court if you don't want to go through the casino. There is an electronic waiting list that lets you know how long the wait will be and what games they are currently speading. On a Saturday afternoon they only had 2/4 and 3/6. There was a tournament finishing up at the time. After this they said they would have a 1/2 no limit game going. The plasma TV's which are becoming standard and a projection TV down the middle of the room. As an added personal touch, there are polaroids on the wall of some of the recent small stakes tournament winners. Pleasing for those of us who are not likley to get television coverage any time soon.

I have heard this room is a dealers paradise with lot's of local rocks making there home here as well. I saw no evidence of that on my short stint in the room. Loose players calling with second highest pair and inside straights all the way to the river. Some even calling bets on fifth street with ace high. At the time I was there I would call it a good game for those just starting out in the big world of Hold Em.

Once again, it was a short session but the dealer was a bit too chatty with one of the customers and was not concerned with the pace of the game. On one hand I had folded my cards and he forgot to take them. He put the action to me on the next card and I politely informed him that I had already folded but with the card he had just put down...I might consider staying in. The second dealer we had tried to pay off the losing hand and had mucked the winners card. She had to go to the muck and dig out the winning hand.

Service was slow and from a superficial guy, the waitresses were not quite as good as some of the othre rooms I have been at. It was the worst pina colada I have ever had.

They were on the ball for individual seating and they seemed to be doing an excellent job on the tournament that was running at the time. The mastery of the electronic's and computers at the desk surpassed those still trying to get a grasp of things at the MGM.

No bad beat, high hand, quads, etc. I am unaware of any food comps or what the hotel poker rate might be. Despite the low score overall of the room, I will be back to try again on my next trip in May.

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