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7 Tables
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Charley wrote a review about Harrah's Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Controling the Local

Small room, low celling, bad air flow. Glass around the outside would cut down on noise from Casino floor as well as smoke, forced air into the room would then keep smoke out as well as cool the room.

If your a good player an easy grab but watch for the locals that turn their back to the dealer will messing with the waitress make a call and tell the dealer they didn't (wait for them to turn back to the table to make there call).

When a Dealer has a local at his table and he knows what he pulls the dealer needs to keep him under control, locals can give a room a bad rap, and yes the guy was a local the waitress called him buy name.

Almost to atentive and used as a distraction.

Seemed to know what they were doing did not have alot of distractions of multiple game to hanlde nice and friendly.

Unknown didn't ask can't fault some for my mistake, I know better and to keep my head in a bad situation should have came back and busted him out my bad on that one.

Food and Drink

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