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First impression of the room is that it is BEAUTIFUL. The room feels bright and is complimented well with blue felt... Read More

Ok submitted my last review too quickly, here's the full review. A nice, quiet and relaxed room tucked away in a... Read More

A nice, quiet and relaxed room tucked away in a corner of the casino. Having the room away from table games relieves... Read More

The PH Poker room should be renamed a Poker Area instead. Poker at PH can be found in a roped off area of the casino... Read More

The MGM poker room is less of a room and more of an open space off to the side. It's new location is not directly off... Read More

Great room. Brightly lit, tables well spaced, and if you ever look up, even the ceiling is nicely decorated. Doesn't... Read More

The room is set up near an entrance and along a string of table games with no real barrier between them. The tables... Read More

A very comfortable room. However, since my last visit to the Aria, it has become VERY busy and popular. As such, it... Read More

The room is very nice; burgandy table felt thats easy on the eyes, very comfortable chairs with swivel, tilt... Read More