First impression of the room is that it is BEAUTIFUL. The room feels bright and is complimented well with blue felt and comfy, height adjustable chairs. With the exception of a few spots, the room is well spread out with room to move around whether you're in your seat or observing. Sports book is connected to the room and there is a washroom directly in the poker room meaning you never have to leave!

Played 1/3 and found the game (like most 1/3 games) pretty straight forward. There are a couple factors that are going to increase the difficulty of the games at Encore;
1. max buy-in for 1/3 is $500. While not all players will max buy, you may find yourself pretty short at some tables if you like to buy in for $200 or less.
2. self parking is convenient which will bring in locals.

Promotions and Comps:
This room offers $1.50/hr in comps. While not as high as comparable MGM properties which offer $2/hr, I was told that Red Card comps do not expire whereas their competitions comps expire yearly. No jackpot drop but rake is $5 which is higher than Aria/Bellagio ($4).

Excellent. Some dealers on the late night shift seemed somewhat new but none were too slow or annoying. I had great interactions with their dealers.

Food and Drink:
This was average. Maybe it was just the table I was at, but there were a few sessions where our table was missed on a couple rounds and when drinks were ordered, the wait time was longer than what should be expected in a high end room.

No decisions were required when playing. Only interactions with management was when checking in and they were friendly and kept the list moving very well.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

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