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mactionY2K5 wrote a review about Wynn in Las Vegas, NV

O.K., I Couldn't Wait...Opening Night @ Wynn!

To me, this was the the only major problem I had with the brand new poker room at Wynn. My worst fears from play night came true when I felt just too cramped inside the room. As mentioned previously, people were bumping into each other and the room didn't even seem as packed as it could be. Still, though...classy room. Personally, I'm a Dockers w/ Polo shirt kind of guy, and felt underdressed to play poker. It all depends on your tastes whether or not you'll like this atmosphere. If you want a "friendly" place to play, there are better choices for you... A side note about the rating board. The new electronic wait lists are the happening thing in this city now, but this room's wait list made me realize that I need a stronger pair of glasses. The board seemed tough to read, but I love the fact that you can view it from the hotel room if you're a guest there...

Yes, the players were tough. Might be hit and miss whether or not you can catch a fish playing in a lower limit game from time to time. For those that will enjoy the tougher competition, this is for you. I can't imagine stepping it up to $10/20 on up in this room, because I would probably get eaten alive. I have seen some fish at the 10/20 level in other casinos, so I'll have to try it out here and see how good they are.

Very strong dealing staff here. I went from table to table to check most of them out. There were, however, a couple that were just a bit green...mostly because this is a city in desperate need for poker dealers, so there just aren't enough experienced dealers to go around. Another instance where I pose the question: what do you prefer? When I ask that, I am referring to personality. These dealers didn't go out of their way to be friendly, but they weren't rude, either: they were very professional. Do you like your dealers a little more talkative between hands, with the occasional humor? Then you better stick with Aladdin, MGM...places like that.

Wow, did Steve Wynn only want to hire models for his cocktail staff? These were some of the best looking women serving drinks in the entire country, let alone Las Vegas. Drinks were fine, and the staff was finer!

Very friendly management staff. Seemed to have their act together for the opening, compared to the MGM that seemed to struggle at first... Daniel Negraneu, although not technically management, is probably one of the friendliest guys you'll ever get to meet in a poker room. Who says the nicest guys are usually the suckers?

$1 an hour, unlimited. No high hand/bad beat that I was aware of, which seems to be standard now with the top rooms in the city. (i.e. Bellagio, Mirage, MGM, and now Wynn). Jackpots and bad beats seem to be something the tourists go for, but I think they're a ripoff. Overall, I haven't decided whether or not to make this a regular place to play or not. It's definately something to go and see at least once, and if you're a fan of the high limit game, then it may be right up your alley...

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