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seanlynnp wrote a review about Wynn in Las Vegas, NV

best poker room in Vegas

The poker room is right next to the encore beach club, which I guess is like a dance club for girls in bikinis, so all day long there are bikini ladies walking around. There is a poker game in the back of a strip club somewhere else but it doesn't play as big as the bigger games at Wynn and I like seeing regular women more than just exclusively stripper women when I gamble.
Also the Wynn is a very fancy establishment. It's what I imagine the Bellagio used to be 40 years ago, real fancy and nice. The drink girls all wear these little skirts that are just fabulous. The juice game is on point at Wynn. Real fresh juice with pulp and they put a little orange wedge in your orange juice. Super! The coffee is good quality and you can get these little sugar sticks that are pretty cool, cause you dip 'em in the coffee and then they're like a little melted sugar candy stick.
I think the restaurants there are not bad, they definitely have a higher end ambiance to them. The comps are as good as anywhere. I guess they're pretty liberal with giving you the poker room special hotel rate which is like half off of $300 a night.
I would not play the carnival games at Wynn cause they have 3 green spots on their roulette, pay 6:5 on a blackjack, and every other cheap thing casinos do nowadays, but the poker room is great. Low drop, no promo. The place has a good mix of top pros in there (I seen Phil Hellmuth there) and also more than plenty of rich drunk Euro donkeys and Asian women. The dealers are better than average. They start taking Federal Anti Money Laundering info at around $6000 transactions I think so that isn't too hard to fade.

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