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Gaggles wrote a review about Bellagio in Las Vegas, NV

Renovations are Complete

Having seen most, but not all, I would say this is the best poker room in Vegas. Lots of action and numerous tables. There is a raised and railed off section for higher games and there is another glass enclosed room for the really big games you and I can only stare at. This is the Big Boy.

Competition was a little easier than last time..or perhaps I was just getting better cards....Lot's of locals and tourists. Almost all seemed to have experience. A unique situation that had never happened to me before: I played at a table that had seven ladies and only three men for several hours. Not a huge thing...just not an every day occurence.

I still feel these are the best in Vegas. Quick game, no mix ups or over turned cards. A few personalities that added rather than detracted to the game.

Very good. Premium drinks from premium ladies. Drinks came just as I needed another. This wasn't all that fast as I was still full from the buffet but arrive they did.

All the attributes you look for. Efficient, organized and friendly. This room is big but they had a handle on things.

Once again, I was not aware of any comps other than the $129 poker rate for mid week stays. Requires 6 hours of play. No high hand etc. as I'm sure you all know by now. $129 is a good rate for this property. Enjoy.

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