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Gaggles wrote a review about MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV

A Most Excellent Adventure in Poker

I like noise and more noise in my casino poker rooms. If you do not like the noise and distractions of Vegas you will rate this room lower. From this poker room you can the lions in the Lion Habitat, the new lounge just on the other side of the poker room, or the endless stream of beautiful people walking past or hanging out by the rail. To make things even better, it was Victoria's Secret's Night at Studio 54 the night we were there. I was already a winner before the cards were dealt! If you like a nice quiet room this score will not apply to you. The room has many plasma TV's and a computerized waiting list that some of the staff have still not mastered. Each table has drink holders and marble around the edges of the tables. I liked the marble but it does make the chips slide a bit. A unique vibe for a poker room.

When I sat down it was like sitting at an MGM home game. Three dealers were playing and there were two locals who were already regulars sitting in. I moved tables.

I have to say average as I did not notice any mistakes. No personalities stood out. Because of the marble and the auto shufflers in the middle of the tables, you must make sure when they are dealing the cards that they are not tipped up ever so slightly when leaning on these spots. If someone was low to the table pretending to look at their hand, they may be able to see the bottom of your cards.

The best I have ever had at a poker table in Vegas. As fast as you want em. Any drink you want and bring on the premium brands. The waitresses were not hard on the eyes and seemed appreciative of every tip I gave them. Do some of you cheap guys not tip the waitress or what....?

At times the wait at the front desk became tiresome as they tried to figure out the technology. At times the tables were slow to get filled. They were all friendly and when I did see them deal with an irate player at the other tables...all ended happily.

It does not take much in Vegas to get a rating here as most places offer very little for play. Here you swipe your players card and get $1-$1.50 an hour for play up to $10 a day. No high hand, bad beat etc. This is monitored right at the table. When you leave to go to the bathroom they hit the button adn tracking is stopped so do not get an hour of comps while going to get dinner. All in all, a great experience, I will return.

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