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Mactrue wrote a review about Golden West Casino in Bakersfield, CA

Place is getting better

I have been going here for awhile and notice a big change with this place. This place is located in a very sketchy area but on this property you feel safe with Security. I have notice there was a decline in security so I am kind of bothered. They used to have a good amount of security before but the owners seem to not care much of our safety here. Security is very welcoming at the front of the Casino which is pleasant. I wish they had more dealers on the weekdays as I always have to wait 30 minutes to an hour. I waited in my car recently and was told by security they are enforcing loitering policy in the parking lot and for me to go into the casino. I know they are doing their jobs so nothing wrong with them. The dealers here are very nice and hospitable. I have noticed the food prices are just getting ridiculously high and declining quality how does that make any sense? The wait staff is friendly but some days they seem short on staff. Looks like management has changed a bit but seems to be getting better except with the recently changed food prices. If I wanted something it would be better jackpots and more players on a daily basis. They need a person to advertise this place properly. They only advertise on social media with people who currently go there without getting new players and they only advertise inside the casino to regular players. Does this make sense?. Overall, great staff, good times but just want better priced food if you want me to stay and eat. See you tomorrow.

Food and Drink

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