Poker Tables:
25 Tables
Closed (1:00pm - TBD)
Minimum Age:
1:00pm - TBD
1:00pm - TBD
1:00pm - TBD
1:00pm - TBD
1:00pm - TBD
1:00pm - TBD
1:00pm - TBD
cjjoh wrote a review about Grand Casino in San Rafael, Costa Rica

Great Room in San Jose

I've had two very different experiences here. When I first came, the game and poker room was run by locals and it was a complete waste. A DEALER called the clock on me mid hand, while I was making a $2000 decision. Most annoying thing ever, and I vowed to never play there again. Maybe a year later I came back, and the game and room was run by someone from the UK. It was like night and day: dealers professional, game runs smoothly, but most importantly they allow poker players to play poker. Be careful, because San Jose is full of opportunistic people looking to pick pocket you, and when leaving the casino with cash you become a target here, but no more so than LA or some places.
This is definitely the current best game in town.

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