Poker Tables:
25 Tables
Closed (1:00pm - TBD)
Minimum Age:
1:00pm - TBD
1:00pm - TBD
1:00pm - TBD
1:00pm - TBD
1:00pm - TBD
1:00pm - TBD
1:00pm - TBD
donkeykong wrote a review about Grand Casino in San Rafael, Costa Rica

Sheraton Game - Best game in Costa Rica

I pick this game when I'm in Costa Rica because it feels the safest to leave after a big win. I also like it because it starts earlier, easy parking/cheap Uber from anywhere and the English only rule is enforced.

I like the staff, managers are gingos and most of the dealers they hire know the game well (and have their numbers in English). I look forward to the food there, the salmon dish is excellent for the price. Waitress staff generally extremely attractive but lack English and need reminders.

$1/$2 Game runs every day about 1 pm. $5 straddle from any position. They regularly run either 2/5 or PLO when they have the players. Healthy mix of sharks and whales, ticos and gringos.

Play is in dollars and they take 10% up to $5 plus $2 for the bad beat and a monthly freeroll tourney for player who put in over 50 hours. They run other tourneys periodically (I played a few Saturdays).

They can do ATM withdraws at the poker desk for chips or the Sheraton ATMs gave me up to my bank limits in dollars or colones (hard to find in CR).

Food and Drink

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