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20 Tables
StetsonTom wrote a review about Graton Casino in Rohnert Park, CA


I've been going to this casino and poker room for several years now. Getting in is easy, with huge parking areas and the safety of lots of security personnel riding around on bicycles all the time. I'm thinking there are about 20 tables in it's own poker room. If you call ahead by half an hour, you'll be placed on the phone list/display, so when you arrive, tell them you're present and your place becomes active. Once you arrive, usually there is a 20 minute wait, so tell them once there you want to be texted when your place is ready, so you're free to wander the rest of the casino or food areas while waiting. Once seated, you'll find the dealers friendly, knowledgeable and NO B.S. The rules are enforced gently but firmly. There's a good mix of regulars and "tourists"/visitors. I enjoy the camaraderie and small talk, usually with a good bit of laughs and good sportsmanship. The room is clean and staff serving free sodas or bottled water are adequately present. In the rare event of a dispute between players or the dealer, a "floor" gets called over to hear the facts presented and makes a ruling, which, in my opinion, are always reflective of true professionalism.

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seans wrote a review about Graton Casino in Rohnert Park, CA

Bad Business

They run a horrible poker room, just because all the other poker rooms are closed Doesn't give these guys the license... Read More