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Gingp11 wrote a review about GC Toronto in Toronto, ON

Bad would be an understatement

I came to this card room having heard all the negative reviews from friends and fellow poker players, I, a non believer, had to see for myself if they were exaggerating at how bad things were here, but I can safely say this is a strong candidate for worst poker room in the continent.

Where to begin? You cannot call in ahead of time to put yourself on the waiting list, even though they are on Poker Atlas.

Secondly, the management are inexperienced and don't have any idea on how to run a poker room. The wait list is organised on MS Excel for goodness sake, it's 2024 guys and you're running a 40 table card room on excel..?

Next, the rake. Despite how good the action is (I would say the action is better here than at PG), this does not warrant 10% capped at 20 dollars. This is at all stakes, even at 1/3.

Dealers, not good enough. I don't expect the top tier dealers (even though we're paying top tier rake) but these guys have been so poorly trained. It's not their fault, but seriously this needs be addressed with further training. A poker dealer was singing and tapping the table to the background music in the middle of a 1k pot. If this dealer happens to read this, it's not your fault man, you had bad training and don't know better.

Maybe I'll return one day just to see if anything changes for better, but for now, anyone in the Toronto area, just make the effort to go to Casino Niagara to play

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