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Dajjalhu_akbar wrote a review about GC Toronto in Toronto, ON

lipstick on a pig

There's gotta be total corruption going on. There's probably people in government getting huge kick backs from this place. I have never seen the police in a poker room this many times at any poker room anywhere. And it's pretty insulting how they are running things as if no one has been going to poker rooms all around the world the past 20 years lol.

They're essentially calling the poker community a bunch of desperate degenerates. Playground has lower rake and free (tasty) food. I wonder why they don't charge for parking? You're telling me people won't pay $5 for parking?

For some reason they feel like they can get away with trying to fleece the poker community.

At the end of the day the only thing not in our control where we cant simply avoid patronizing the thing is the rake. You can avoid buying food and drinks. just go downstairs to a station and get free soft drinks or coffee (which is weird). But the rake and lack of free food and no comps goes to show what they think of the poker community. Even on the machines downstairs the points system is ridiculous. I think it's like 1%.

Dealers shouldn't be getting tipped much unless you win a big pot. They share the tips anyways. I wonder how much longer until the waitresses start quitting? I'm assuming it was insinuated to them they would be making a certain amount of tips, but how can you make tips if no one is ordering anything.

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