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robertson.peter wrote a review about GC Toronto in Toronto, ON

Mixed Feelings

The bad is clearly the rake, but that has already been covered by every other review here.

We are definitely seeing a bit of the "more rake is better" effect where a bunch of nitty and/or winning players are boycotting this place or still playing other rooms. There is a ton of new money in this player pool from players who refused to play underground and didn't want to drive out to Niagara.

This means that the games are actually quite good. Plenty of open limps, chasing draws, loose river calls, and deep stacks. Just make sure to table select (the floors will hate you if you ask for a table change, but just be assertive).

The dealers are mostly friendly, and learning quickly. Nice food options in the casino and being able to wait at the racetrack is nice.

Overall, I think 2/5 and 5/10 at this room are still beatable for a solid winrate if you play the kind of TAG poker that works in high-rake environments.

I'm sure demand will be insane when they start running tournaments too.

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