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Advocate wrote a review about GC Toronto in Toronto, ON

Needs A lot! Has Potential

I sincerely hope that management actually reads these!

1- Hurry up and set up your PokerAtlas integration so it shows the games and waitlists and allows registration! Now!!

2- Who forgot to order tables with the electronic seat manager that allows dealers to add/remove players from the system as the come/go? Fire them!!Its essential!! The front desk has to know immediately, when a seat opens! No delay! Fill the seats! Your method of running around with a slip of paper is ridiculous! Embarrassing!

3- Anticipate your busy days and hours. Have dealers ready!!!

4- Have weekly meetings and discuss all problems and issues that come up at the tables. Have consistency about rules and protocol!

5- You're charging $20 max!! Don't charge for water! It makes you look like gouging @#$%!

6- Get rid of these restaurant electronic pucks!! Come on!!! Its not The Keg. Its a poker room.

7- Use Atlas to text your players.
Put up Poker room waitlists in the main casino areas so that waiting players, who went to play other games, can monitor their place in line and return to the room as their name approaches! Make a rule that all players are to be in poker room when they are 5 people away from top of list

8- Train dealers on Limit and Omaha

9- Max out your tables. This room can easily run 40 tables or more on peak days!
10- Put some soft furniture in so players can wait comfortably
11- Put tournaments on your priority list! They bring large crowds, prestige, and lots of side action at cash tables!

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