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Dajjalhu_akbar wrote a review about GC Toronto in Toronto, ON

Never trust a canadian company when it comes to poker

Canadian companies know nothing about poker. The Canadian mentality is a monopolistic mentality because Canadian industries are full of monopolies (grocery, gaming, telecom, hockey, etc. They just have a gauging mentality. They are incapable of thinking outside the box. Canadians have no true business acumen because they don’t grow up in a hyper competitive environment. All they know is durrrrrp how much are people willing to pay and not consider immediate implications else where or long term. They think they are making a lot of money but they’re missing out on opportunities all over the place because they are so short sighted.

The fact that people are still saying they would still rather go to Vegas or playground is absolutely insane. It shouldn’t be like this.

People should have absolutely zero hope in this petulant company to do anything positive. They revealed their cards with the $20 rake. Maybe. Just maybe it’s only temporary because of the soft opening.

The poker boom was 20 years ago!!! Loads and load of examples to pull from on how to run a successful room and this is what they came up with??? These people are crazy or are just blatantly gauging the poker community.

Like some people are saying, sure, it’s going to be run a lot smoother in the weeks ahead, but you can’t fix a $20 rake. That’s psychotic.

Like the previous poster said, poker can be used as a loss leader. It will bring more people into the casino.

Some casinos in Vegas have way lower rakes and way better comps. It’s like how do they make their money? Well it attracts people and those people tend to play other games in the casino also. It’s human nature. Credit card companies know this.

But nooo let’s just gauge gauge gauge like a petulant child that keeps banging things. That’s GCG.

Food and Drink

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