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TobiasClassy wrote a review about GC Toronto in Toronto, ON

Playing every stake 100+ hours honest review

This is going to be a long review so get your popcorn ready.

The past week two weeks I have played 10 days out of the 14 and played every stake to get an idea of the games. The 1/3 games are really hit and miss some nights there are drunks who just want to have fun. But for the most part it’s older players who are pretty tight paying $20 in rake long term maybe 5-10% of players are making money. The list for 1/3 is always insane 30-50 names every time. 2/5 has been better but the game is still not great, a lot of regs who are tight and then a lot of younger guys early 20s who buy in deep and are very aggro. It’s again pretty hit and miss. I do think 2/5 is better than 1/3 for the most part less waiting for a table and I’ve felt the games have been softer.
I want this poker room to succeed, but there are so many changes that need to start happening. There is no real food option close to the poker room. Also water is $2.25 which is absurd, they need to bring in a bad beat I don’t care about a bad beat personally but it brings in players to the room. Which will make the games softer and better. You will see the same 30+ regulars there every day. Another thing is callins you can’t call to reverse a spot so you have to just show up and hope the list isn’t 100 names long. Every time I went it was around a 30 min to 1 hour and 30 min wait. I usually arrived anytime between 12-5 and would stay for 8-12 hours. Management is very slow as they are all new and they are using an excel spreadsheet. I hope things change as this poker room has 100+ people coming every day and could easily have 200-300 if a bad beat got introduced. They need more dealers and better trained dealers as the games are very slow.
Lastly my 5/10 experience I played 3 days at 5/10 it was a mix of 5/10/20 and 5/10 this was the by far the best game. I am not rolled for 5/10 so for me i couldn’t play it every day but I didn’t mind shot taking as I wanted to play every stake before I wrote a review. So the 3 days I played I saw probably 6-8 regulars but only played with 3-4 of them at a time. The other 5-6 players were always new and were usually recreational. The game was softer than all the days I played 2/5.

If I had to rate the games out of 10
1/3 2/10
2/5 6/10
5/10 8.5/10

This room could be one of the best in Canada if not the best. But there’s so much work that needs to happen. I hope they will put some money into it and make it what it can be. Sadly I don’t think they will, and with niagara barley getting 5-6 tables this might be the only option

Food and Drink

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