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CP-1 wrote a review about GC Toronto in Toronto, ON

STOP Whining and QUIT Complaining! (Let the FIREWORKS begin)

WHY, People? WHY? Why so much negativity and border-line hate?

They have just opened. Give them a chance.

The staff, ALL, staff, Dealers, Floor, Wait and Cage are friendly and personable. Are some of them still learning and a little inexperienced? Yes. Will they get better? The majority of them will.

Is 10% - $20 max Rake too high? For a $1/3 - game maybe a little. But if you are in the GTA it is approximately 125km (one-way) to the next nearest casino. That's approx. $35 in fuel. To pay a $14/hr session fee. If, and I do mean 'IF, you make $100/hr for 5 hrs, (not likely) then it has cost you $105. vs 1/2 the fuel cost and $50 in rake. $67 total. 'You DO NOT play every hand (OK some of you do) But 'YOU certainly DO NOT win every hand you play. If you believe that 10% - $20 max is too high, then either increase your skill level and play higher stakes, drive 100 + km's, one-way to the next nearest casino, or go back to the under-ground.

I, for one, am happy that I have an option 20 mins from home.

The room is large and well-lit and has great potential. The staff there are just people like the rest of us. Trying to do their jobs the best they can. They, the staff, are NOT the ones responsible for the fees, mechanical malfunctions or the Windows '98 operating system at check-in. (Sorry guys, had to throw that one in there) They have a job to do and a protocol to follow. They are experiencing growing pains at the moment. Give them a chance to figure it out.

Thank you Dealers, Thank you Floor, Thank you Cashiers and Thank you Wait-Staff.

To the rest of you, agree, disagree, I don't care. But please stop WHINING!

Food and Drink

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