jrporras wrote a review about Gulfstream Park in Hallandale, FL

Good - will come back

Gulfstream Park is just a very nice location overall. Specifically the casino is old but the poker room(in the back) is spacious. Friday night had a number of open tables. Staff is professional. Good air conditioning, comfortable chairs, large tables(10 seats), food place has variety of options, large screen Tvs all around.

Played 1/2 - max buy in $200(its ok even though Im used to $300 buy in). Lots of players coming in short stacked with $100 and even $60 buy ins. Few drunk players, few oldies. The high hand bonus was $100 all the time I was there.

Game itself was soft, many limpers who folded to a decent raise(no calling stations). Some even got mad at raisers - good for me!. Played 9 pm to 12 am. After midnight crowd changed somewhat to what looked like more sharks and crazy trigger happy players so folded tent and left.

Ill come back and depending on consistency may improve rating to 5 chips.

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