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KC76 wrote a review about Hard Rock Hollywood in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Dealers are BAD and floor doesn't manage the tables!!!

Dealers are horrible - sat on a 2/5 and my first 30 minute down had three miss deals - two times slipped cards to one player and a miss call and pushed chips to the second best hand and had to sort that all out. Let's not mention how bad local players walk in the room and just sit down and swipe there cards - no respect for a list that is 20 people long - dealers don't manage or care and floor doesn't regulate - only way they are caught is because someone is called to and sent to a table and there are no seats. They sit and watch people get up and they sit down within seconds and the notice to the pit goes away - watched this carry on for over 30 minutes!!! Room is dark and hard to read cards also - action is OK, but there are splash players that don't get their way so they pick up and transfer to another table - the floor should manage how many times someone can move in a 30 min period.

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