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Daskato wrote a review about Hard Rock Hollywood in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Great spot for poker

Hard Rock really is the prime spot for poker in south Florida. They have a massive range of games and range of players who come with it. Since the remodel, poker is off in its own section which is nice because it's not full of smoke, nor outside noise with people winning on slots or table games.

Dealers for the most part are very good. I'm sure they sprinkle in new dealers and there is only one way to learn and that's through experience. Otherwise they are on their game, keep players in check, announce raises/all in calls, etc.

Only downfall is a minor one and that's management not staying on top of filling seats at times. Some days they are immediately on it and some days I've had 3-4 seats open with 15+ on a list. If you remind the dealer to fill them, they are normally good about getting someone's attention and calling players to tables.

Also, they take the Covid protocol very seriously which I don't have a problem with. Tables are still 8 handed, dividers in place and they clean/sanitize the area before a new player sits down. Taking an extra 30-45 seconds to be clean is appreciated in my opinion.

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