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RompAdonk wrote a review about Harrah's Cherokee in Cherokee, NC

Second review after tournaments are back

This one is no better. After the renovation a few years ago they eventually moved the poker room and got sports betting. The new poker room is better and roomier, but it hasn't improved the running of the room at all, other than it being easier to get around in. There's plenty of action for the most part, and there's always a pretty big crowd because this is the only casino near NC, SC, TN and GA...which means they basically have a monopoly. That being said, the tournaments here SUCK. Bad structure, low chip count, and blinds go up steep...but they do not care. I was told by a floor person, and I quote "the only reason they have tournaments is to get people in the casino during the week"...hence they don't have tournaments on the weekends. If you don't have a triple stack by level 4 you're basically screwed. We've talked to them about having bigger tournaments and they don't really care. There's tons of players in this area who would play tournaments, and especially larger buy ins, but this place apparently doesn't understand how much they're losing...they really only care about the $8 take per hand, they probably rather have the cash tables full. That being said they just initiated a bad beat but it's quad kings which is just ridiculous. On top of that, they're always short on dealers and always have a long list to play even for one two game. I've seen lists with 50 or 60 people on it several times. With a few tweaks and have better tournaments it would be a big help but they have a long way to go and I don't know if they even care about making that journey to be honest. They really just act like they could care less as long as they fill those cash tables.

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Bama wrote a review about Harrah's Cherokee in Cherokee, NC

Texas holdem

Nice flow and good dealers. Can't get a room onsite on weekends (Friday/Saturday) due to comps vs slot players. Only... Read More