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Number13Lover wrote a review about Ho-Chunk Wisconsin in Baraboo, WI

Almost like a home game

I visited the Ho-Chunk poker room on 1/22/15 since I was in the Dells for the night.
I'll start out with a review of the room and tables. The room is partially sectioned off from the rest of the casino if noise is a concern. (The Thursday night I visited, it was pretty dead.) There are soda dispensers for free drinks if you care to help yourself. The tables are lacking some quality and the felt feels almost sticky/tacky. (Almost like a home game where beer and food have been spilled all over the table.) No auto shufflers for the dealers which means a few less hands / hour if that is a concern. Not sure if the poker room doesn't circulate their chips but their chips were very dirty. (Note: The blackjack tables seemed to have brand new chips) The dealers seemed knowledgeable but a few regs kept on making jokes about mishandled situations from past days so I kept my eyes on the action.
I played some $1/$2 for a few hours before the "Deep Stack" tourney that night. The game is a bit soft with a mix of regulars and other area visitors. Again, the regulars had a good time carrying on conversation like a home game while the visitors mostly kept to themselves (me included). The level of competition seemed a bit weak and there were a few head scratching moments with other players at the table. As such, my TAG approach was rather profitable.
Lastly, the "Deep Stack" tourney was a nice structure (240bb's to start). I would highly recommend it since it allows for some bluffing versus lighter stacked tourneys that require immediate chip accumulation to keep up to the blinds. The chips used are of cheap quality (like a home game) lacking denominations. The color scheme beyond the T$25's and T$100's weren't what I am used to so I had to ask the dealer before hand.
In all, I can't say I would go out of my way to go back but if I'm in the area I might stop by again.

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