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Poker Tables:
12 Tables
Daily 10:00am to 4:00am
yourmomma wrote a review about Ho-Chunk Wisconsin in Baraboo, WI

Poorly run by Management/Standard-Low action room

Smaller room with about 10 tables. Dealers are ok but are not the most knowledgeable. A few are great. Management is less than knowledgeable and are not helpful in problematic situations. Errors are common. For a smaller room, you'd think management would be able to jump in and help when needed but they refuse and probably couldn't deal if they tried anyway. So if the list gets long and they are short dealers, tables will go unopened. Any poker player can tell you that poker is a win/win for the House, so this speaks volumes about their Business Sense. Sadly, we who play, know how this directly affects us. When Management doesn't care, the game will suffer and so will we. This lack of Business Sense affects rake/take as well. If a game is short handed, a player must request a rake reduction or it will not be granted. When it is requested, Management acts as though it is coming out of their pocket directly. Efforts aren't made to make players feel welcome and comfortable, except by the dealers. There are a lot of new dealers in the room. Games are slower, more premature burn and turns than in most rooms, less hands per down than in most rooms and game knowledge is also lacking. The better dealers are treated poorly for "being liked by the players". Management treats this "being liked by players" as an issue instead of an asset. So quite often, the better dealers are booted from the room and sent to deal blackjack and the room is left with the poorer, slower, less knowledgeable, not outspoken bunch. It's my opinion that this defeats all Business Sense for proper utilization of staff.

As for the play, it is standard small room play. A $12 raise pre is considered acceptable. Anything more than that will generally warrant a fold/shove. Most players are the older bunch with a few playing cash and bantering with the fellas. There isn't generally a lot of money on the table at any given time. If there's $1500 total on the table, that's a lot. Quite often you'll see a hit and run.

Bad Beat Jackpot is a very small amount. Qualifying hand is Aces full of Tens vs Quads.

My overall opinion is don't waste your time or money here, go to Milwaukee (Potawatomi) where you'll get on a game quickly, be treated well by all the staff, and have a chance at a huge Bad Beat!

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