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Jeremy/Michelle Blueprint Poker wrote a review about Horseshoe Indy in Shelbyville, IN

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We visited on Saturday, Feb 19th
Unfortunately at this early point of this particular Poker Room existence it is somewhere in between a decent Casino Poker Room & at times a barely playable Home Game.

After walking into the Casino we realized again that this is a very PRO smoking casino with more smokers gathered together than I'd seen since the mid '80s. I am writing this review battling one of those headaches you get after being around heavy smoke for a few hours. Casinos put the poker room at the farthest point from the front door so you can quarter/dollar yourself to death on the way to the poker room unless you're very disciplined. Now that's fine but this casino has every Ticket Redemption/Player Card machine pointed to the main aisle which causes a line in the middle of where everyone is walking on a busy Saturday night. After making it to the poker room with only a couple extra bruises I realize the poker room opening is being guarded by a 40'x40' bar for drinks. The area is tight to get in & out of the poker room at times & I can only imagine when they get a WSOP Circuit Event here it will be a total mess. NOW after all that, the poker room is really nice with appealing colors & etc. Upon sitting down on 1/2 PLO which was the 2nd biggest game running at the time my wife had to brush away a ton of turkey, bread & food crumbs to be able to set her chips down without them being in that trash. It didn't take long to realize that the dealers were so inexperienced that even the most common poker rules were not burned in their brains from experience. Most of the dealers acknowledged that they have NEVER played Hold'em let alone Omaha before! Experienced players are having to teach the dealers themselves while playing & stopping them from mistakes & misdeals constantly.
Horseshoe should've flown in a dozen or two dozen very experienced dealers that are wanting to get away from their properties that are slow right now. Mix in those "real" dealers from other properties to show these "green" dealers the ropes & how it is really done. That would've been a smoother transition with the bad dealers learning a lot watching the pro dealers in action. I've been to new poker rooms before & I've never had all this happen to us in my life let alone in just this small 4-hour session.
You'd think with the bar guarding the poker room that maybe a waitress would come by & get drink orders. Nope we had 1 waitress come by my table in 4+ hours. TIPS = (To Insure Proper Service)
Here's some examples of what happened to us & other players (at least the ones I can remember):

The Floor let a well known player who's been kicked out of every local poker room to be loud, disruptive & verbally abuse the dealers & players for hours at the table to the left of the front desk.

"Legendary" player turned dealer calls misdeal after having half the cards out just because his friend was walking back 20 feet away & wanted in that hand.

Dealers are not always understanding how to properly calculate a pot size bet in Omaha. They don't seem to know the difference between 1/2 PLO & 5/5 PLO on what players are able to bet/raise.

Dealers constantly not keeping track of the button, one dealer moved it backwards during the hand totally messing up the action & betting turns then another dealer moving it twice & with action already happening it could not be fixed.

Dealers not knowing how to let a player properly "buy the button" instead of waiting 2 hands to play. It's simple they pay both blinds & the small is dead in the middle.

Dealers picking & choosing when to keep players off their phone while they're in a current hand. Another simple one, if you're actively in the hand you can't be on the phone period!

Dealers not "clearing the board" before moving onto giving change or dealing with a chip runner, house, etc. So most of the time the playing area is a mess having to separate cards & chips for them just to push normal pots.

Dealers messing with Bravo on their table instead of dealing the hand out & then fixing the small issue on Bravo of a player not being signed in.

Somehow the 2nd PLO table breaks with 5 WAITING on the list! THEN the Floor guy Leo says the 2 players that were actively playing on that table for hours that somehow broke had to go to THE BOTTOM of the list! These players on this table that's played for hours should've been put ahead of the players that just got on the list! Pretty unbelievable!

You can buy chips here BUT you CAN'T cash out here.

We all await your future poker room that's more on top of its game!

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