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blackjackpoker wrote a review about Hustler Casino in Gardena, CA

Dealer judges and humiliates players

Date and time: Saturday, July 23, 2022 10:00 PM

I am leaving a review as an Asian male who was treated disrespectfully due to my physical appearance. Hustler dealers label players’ poker skills by how they look, not how they act! Physical labeling (with ra*ism and fat shaming) is unacceptable anywhere.

When I was called for my seat for the $1/$3 NL table, a few players started to welcome me disrespectfully by calling “You look like a baby, do you even know how to play?” After a few hands, dealer name Wandee started to engage with other players to humiliate me. This made me feel very uncomfortable, and I asked the players in the table to refrain from talking about how I look. They (guests and dealer name Wandee) refused to stop talking garbage and crap about looking like I don’t know how to play. Also, Wandee was also name calling an another guest a “slow fat a**” along with the disrespectful players. After another hand, Wandee started to say loudly to me before dealing, “Ahh you look like a baby who doesn’t know how to play! So cute I like it!” and then I immediately left the table. I know how to play and don’t engage with disrespectful people. Also, I was there to play poker, not to sh*t talk about people or getting sh*t talked.

This is totally unacceptable, and dealers shall not be disrespectful nor should be talking about anyone’s physical appearances, period. I learned from my friends that Hustler management does nothing to address this situation, so I left the casino with the intention of never coming back.

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