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lionheart01 wrote a review about Hustler Casino in Gardena, CA

Safety is a concern

I like the game structure and set up. You'll get good action at the tables primarily the bigger games.
I noticed security being paranoid but then realized that's their norm.
It was approximately 3:pm on a Saturday afternoon and I was in my car waiting for my seat to open. A security guard came and asked if I was a guest of the casino, I replied yes showing him the bracelet and informed him I was waiting for my seat. He said "you can't wait in the car, either enter or leave" ummm... he didn't explain the reason for the demand nor did he have a reason to be rude. I did neither, then about 10min later I was called up and as I was walking inside, the fat security guard had called his "buddies" to come over. He was trying to pick a bone with me lol. I laughed at it because you can't expect common sense from ignorant people.
When I got inside I explained what happened to floor man natcho and he said the casino had thefts or breakins hence why the issue. He however did not apologize or try to amend the situation.
All good, I see my 1k buy in isn't welcomed here at the Hustler so I'll take it to the bike, commerce, Hollywood park, or LL.

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June 22nd, Saturday

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eh mid

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