While the promotions are pretty good, if the casino does not offer a fair well run game in a safe atmoshere, then why are they collecting a rake?

There have been several armed robberies in and around the parking lot, yet the casino refuses to install adequate lighting. The bowling alley, a block away, has a bright well lit parking lot, but not the casino. Securing the perimeter, entrances and exits should also be accomplished.

The dealers seem to care less about controlling and seem to be discouraged to do so. Table talk is absolutely rediculous. Many people talking about the hand in play is VERY common. Dealers turn their backs to string bets. Their policy is to only address it if an argument starts. Most dealers do not know what a raise is in NL poker. They say twice the bet. Thats incorrect. Its equal to or greater than the last raise. Folding out of turn is a common problem. Maybe half the dealers address this.

Unruly, drunk/drugged players are allowed to play and be disrespectful to staff and other players.

Forward motion is considered a bet, yet very few dealers know this or enforce it. This leads to many angle shooters in the game.

Security is not allowed to physically restrain troublemakers or theives. They will literally let anyone walk out the door.

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