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Jamie Slayer wrote a review about Keene Casino in Keene, NH

You cin git theaya from heeya

It's the most beautiful part of NH, legal no limit that is...and the scenery ain't bad either. Playing at The Rock and The Coastal shanties have their appeals but there is something to be said for taking the show on the road and getting back to nature by sitting inside playing poker all day.
And to that end, playing poker inside this money factory with a cross section of loose card players, some good, most not and having some fun with some of NH's salt of the earth and maybe a few of its scum of the earth. There's the toothless hick, the sneaky Yankee playing stupid and even a snarky but thoroughly enjoyable version of Brad Wesley-tilting. Though an NPR listening hippy hipster complained about the table noise and made me hate him, the place was better than alright. It's a tightly run ship with friendly staff,(relatively speaking) and its clean. Well,minus the fly that Wesley killed by splattering it across my suit coat(with permission).
Despite my handle, I don't know Jamie (other than his disapproving glare) but I like him and his rooms (Manchester more) and I hope more people start making the effort to drive a little further to a place thats better than the trashy stranger filled rooms closer to Mass. Jamie treats his paying customers like appreciated guests and that's refreshing. its just one donkeys opinion but I believe the NH/MA poker community should reward him with a full house. A few of them actually...

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