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abercheese70 wrote a review about Kickapoo Lucky Eagle in Eagle Pass, TX


This was my first visit to Kickapoo and was overall pleased with the experience. The poker room is very spacious and cut off from the main casino floor with glass doors. This makes for a very quiet and relaxing atmosphere. There is no free alcohol in the casino but the poker room does have a free soda/coffee setup that players can grab as they please. I played Friday night and all Saturday afternoon. Room is open from 10am-5am. 8-9 tables running during peak hours. 3-6 limit, 1-2nl, and one 2-5nl

Competition: The 3-6 limit played like most, no foldem holdem. On a 10 handed table 2-4 players were horrible, over valuing their hands and never capping with the nuts. Some didn't know what blinds were and the concept of limit. I played tighter then normal and was lucky to hit the board when I played. A solid group of locals do play the 3-6 for the bad beat jackpot and it is very easy to tell them apart from the rest.
I only played a short time at 1-2 NL. The players were not as aggressive as other players I've played against in 1-2. Usually a $7 or $10 preflop raise when not limped. And a C bet usually took it. Most players were tight and patient. I did hear that the action was very slow for a Saturday and that the tables do get deep and aggressive.

Comps: .50 cents an hr :(

Dealers: friendly and had plenty of patience. A few mistakes. 1 big one

Food/Drinks: beers $3.50. Free soda/coffee area. Friday night a few people waited 3 dealer rotations for a beer.

Management: the rush of the weekend traffic did seem to throw the management off guard. This was noticed and talked about by the players.

This is the only Casino in Texas. (Tables always had a few regulars) For what it is I feel that most people would be pleased to play poker here. The action didn't seem as crazy as in Vegas but maybe it was just a slow weekend. A nice room and some good competition in the NL tables.

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