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DegenerateBeast wrote a review about Legends in Houston, TX

24/7 Poker. Enough said.

I don't really care how nice the carpet is at so-and-so club...about "game-girls"(?) and their massages at some slum room raking 20%...nor do I seek out gimmicky, faux-freerolls offered daily almost everywhere else.

What's more, I won't go to rooms (like the one on 290) that force a hand or TWO of 3rd-rate, cockamamie, variance-laden PLO lottery ticket EVERY table.

Bad enough I gotta sit out these @#$% bomb pots so luckboxes can have a shot at feeling like they accomplished something. Don't get me started on "bomb-pot" tourneys. THAT'S a thing now?

Look, I'll play badugi, razz, go fish, whatever...occasionally. But how are you going to claim to run a poker club and NOT offer friggin' Texas Hold 'Em at all times?

This is why I play at Legends exclusively. Hold'em runs 24/7. No BS, no reel-em-in freerolls (that aren't free, surprise, surprise) and constant action. I don't HAVE to work (so, you know...I don't) and for me, 4:25 on a Tuesday morning is as good a time as any to hit the felt. I can do that bc Legends exists.

The staff, dealers and other players are just fine...nice enough. Legit police officers are on-site for security. And the 100% time match for vets is much appreciated. Legends FTW.

Announcements from Legends Poker Room

Player Appreciation
Free Entry Tournament
earn an entry for each 100 hours played
Feb 12th - April 30th
NLH/PLO with bomb pot
Tournament begins May 5th.
Schedule released May 1st. Get

Hourly High Hand Bonus
6pm - 2am
Spin the wheel to win

Current Bad Beat Jackpots
NLH $14,400
PLO $7,400

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