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It's good...

The tournaments are a no-go here, this is a cash room. If there are players seated rest assured, there will be... Read More


Pffft...SOME "atlas" (I kid, I KIIIID!). But yeah, this place hasn't existed cept for here in the app for some time,... Read More

It ok...

I like the players here more than any of the other Houston rooms. It's a good vibe and reminds me of Final Table in... Read More

Cypress is Rake City

If Stu Ungar and Chip Reese (RIP x2) had raised a poker playin', teen-aged girl a-la "My Two Dads", SHE couldn't beat... Read More

Illegal Rake

Ahhh, another greedy poker room enters the fray. Not unlike the other garbage room in Cypress (Doghouse), this place... Read More


No dedicated hold 'em tables...ever. Never encountered such a policy. They only offer PLO and NLH+PLO. I'm not a fan... Read More

24/7 Poker. Enough said.

I don't really care how nice the carpet is at so-and-so club...about "game-girls"(?) and their massages at some slum... Read More