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McLovin wrote a review about Lilac Lanes in Spokane, WA

Bowl away on trip through town

My friend wanted me to go. He said that this was the place to play in Spokane. It is in a modern building with a Bowling alley. They have both Poker and Card games. So you can kill some time while waiting for a tourney to start.

The poker tables are well used you will see some rips in the vinyl lining, and the felt is faded. But the worst thing is the chairs. They are the most uncomfortable chairs I have ever sat in at a Poker room. There is no cushion left in them and they are too low to the ground. It makes the tables seem higher than they should be. I played for over 4 hours when I was there and had to grab some pain pills when I got home because my back and shoulders hurt from those crappy chairs. I would have given this place a 4 star if it wasn't for the chairs.

This place also seemed to cater to there regulars pretty well. One example of this was one of the players wanted the dealer to rabbit hunt for him after he had mucked. This was in the cash game 2 - 10 spread.The dealer had done it for him twice already and I didn't say anything because I was out of those hands. But in the one hands I was in and the player had mucked he asked him to do it and I said don't. Well the dealer showed him the card anyway, kind of @#$% me off. I felt he should have respected my request since it was my game.

The Tourney was nice, I felt it was pretty well run and I would go back to play in that again if I am in town.

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GuyG wrote a review about Lilac Lanes in Spokane, WA


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