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15 Tables
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LegalizeGambling wrote a review about LKQ in Buford, GA

Pros/Cons,, ?’s,proposal, it’s Legal

Just restarted a new PokerAtlas acct so will review this again next trip & post my other previous Rooms down the road. I would give it 5* compared to home games 4*s compared to other charity casinos and 3* if I was rating it to casino rooms like bellagio, Seminole, borgata, Wynn, national harbor, TCH, Mohegan reason listed because these get 5* for me

Food was good, pretty packed, LEGAL!
The many times I’ve looked for a casino or poker room when I come to ATL is ridiculous, I heard about this so when I came back stopped by. This is how gaming started in southern NH and Boston area and was like that till 3/4 years ago now NH has multiple poker rooms legal sports gaming and MA who created DraftKings has all the above with Mgm Springfield and Encore. Only got to play cash when I was their it’s better then driving up to Cherokee.
Most professional place your gonna find in GA. Overall great place for a state where poker is illegal.

- I didn’t like that dealers could play in the same establishment especially a collusion game.
Saw some unethical moves, card bending no auto shuffler! So then dealers aren’t rushed
I’ve only played once since I spend half my time in Vegas but was shocked about some of the table talk targeting fish requesting table change w. A dealer playing ex: “he played the other night, easy money”
- I think the donation is a little high, until you get more customers especially for the 1/3.

?s and recommendation
Maybe if the donation can be taken out of some of the tournaments (I play both.) Are their guarantees for the bigger tournaments? Or any tournaments and maybe not unlimited bullets on all tournys but one. Maybe better hours. Is there a bad beat or high hands? add promos like referrals, free rolls etc to bring in new players, instead of letting dealers play w. Players set up a free roll for them or a dealer game & regs can join

Reply to review.
I read in one of the recent reviews that the donation .10$ on the $ was tax deductible, idk how much review said. I am 90% sure its not, I would ask your accountant/tax rep because even though its to a charity the IRS love auditing people finding loopholes in the system. So idk how much the monthly/yr membership is but I don’t think it’s worth filing. Just truly donate, theirs only so much you can deduct. IRS Reason: A person who purchases tokens tics for cards from a NP charity gaming is not making a gift to the organization. They’re getting something in return for the money the chance to win the prize or chips offered

Food and Drink

Announcements from Little Kings and Queens

Open Sunday - Thursday 12PM to 2AM, Friday - Saturday 12PM - 3AM. Happy Hour 12PM to 4PM every day.

$500 PLO8 Monster Stack Tournament 6/24 thru 6/26
Freedom Bash II coming July 14th thru July 25th

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