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RompAdonk wrote a review about LKQ in Buford, GA

Second review after few months of tournament play

Thought I would leave a second review as I've been playing here for a few months. I've read a lot of good reviews and a few pretty bad ones and thought I would leave some feedback on some of the bad things that people are saying. First of all in regards to the food, well, this place is not the restaurant, they do not own the building or anything like that, they literally rent out the side of the restaurant in two large rooms where they play tournaments and cash games. These are completely separate rooms both from tournament and cash and from the restaurant. The term held in one room the cash games in another. The rate for the cash games are $20 per day plus $15 an hour and there's no rake on pots. So just to sit down it's going to cost you $35 up front. You be the judge if that's worth it to you or not. I have not played cash here but I've heard the games can get crazy so if you're a good player and a winning player, that rate may be just fine for you. As far as dealers making mistakes, quite honestly there are some WSOP circuit dealers that have dealt here, and the mistakes are few and far between although they do happen from time to time, but no more than anywhere else. I have heard of there being fights but I think that's a myth, some people do get mouthy at times but again no worse than any other casino I have ever been to and I've been to a lot. I've never heard of anybody making a threat or anything along those lines, just the normal @#$% or whining about taking a bad beat etc. I feel that this place is run just fine, I've heard of of some people complaining in the comments about the unlimited rebuys, but that's literally no different than any other casino. In fact this place probably does it better than a casino because you can use a debit card and there's no chance of any fake money being passed. Also for the rebuys and add-ons, 100% of that money goes toward the prize pool whereas in a casino they rake every rebuy the same. I have run pretty well in their tournaments after I got through running bad initially, and have cashed over 7 Grand down there in three tournaments. I don't just say that because I'm winning, I'm just being honest about the place. The staff is very friendly and respectable and do a pretty good job. There's also been some complaints I've read about people being regulars and on the first name basis. The people who've left those comments obviously don't have home base casinos they go to where you're going to get on first name basis with people that you're around a lot. It's no different than any casino in any City where people play there on a regular basis and they see the people in the casino every time they go there. Don't think that they're biased toward their regulars and give them special favors because they do not. Also some people commented about dealers playing, that's true they do let dealers play but they do that in a lot of regular casinos such as Biloxi and tunica and some other places. I've actually seen dealers in Biloxi in their work attire playing poker and then getting up and getting on the clock and dealing. I think it's pretty obvious that the people leaving the negative comments have never been to casinos very often. Again this place is not the restaurant so don't blame them for the food, this place has the same rules as any poker room, and the same kind of tournament structures rules and regulations in any casino does. The rake in the cash games is due to them being a charity, that's how they are legally able to do this. The rake and the initial buy-in in the tournament is a little higher than normal but again it's because it's a charity. Biloxi has a $6 every half hour payout for the seat on cash games which means $12 an hour, at least that's what it used to be, as well as Tunica too. Cherokee's rake is $7 per pot so if you win two pots an hour you basically paid the same rate as you would in Buford. I guess if there was a negative to this place it would be that they are very lenient on people and their mouth running, especially for one person I know in particular, and they don't really give warnings or make people sit out hands for talking smack or making mistakes of the rules at the tables. I think it being a private establishment and a more or less local regulars place, that plays a role in that.

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