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RompAdonk wrote a review about LKQ in Buford, GA

Tournament review, I don't play cash here

Was looking online for poker tournaments near me, and found this place. Its been in business since 2016 and I had no idea about it, and since Harrahs Cherokee tournaments suck with terrible structures and being basically turbos, I tried this place out. I was a little skeptical of it at first, and assumed that it was probably going to be like a shady poker house, but was pleasantly surprised, to say the least. Its located in an old brick factory thats been repurposed, much like a lot of stuff has been done these days, which is really a live band restaurant and they rent a side room (which is plenty big enough to do what they do). The structures are WAY better than Harrahs, more chips, and longer blind levels, pretty much what you see in good legitimate casinos that have a big poker turn out and have been doing it for years, unlike Harrahs. I've been coming here for about a month or so, and although I have run bad and gotten the normal donks all in bad and they still won, its still a good tournament. The only thing I don't really care for...but again its normal even in the unlimited rebuy on all but one of their weekly tournaments...the sunday one is a freezeout. I mention Harrahs so much because its the closest casino to NC, SC, TN and Georgia. I have read some of the negative reviews on here, some saying theres a lot of regulars, the floor people are not that great, or what have you...well this is a poker establishment, a local card house in a small town near Atlanta, so you're going to have locals and regulars....ALL casinos have locals and regulars that are known by staff and dealers on a first name basis, thats nothing new. I have not noticed anything shady or bad happen here as far as the tournaments go, at least nothing that I haven't seen in a regular casino, although I have heard some stories of the cash room having some outbursts of which they handled. The inhouse circuit is pretty good so far, and is mostly like the WSOP or other circuit events, and some of the regular circuit dealers deal here for it when it comes around. This place has the usual recreational players who are not good, the weekend warriors, and a lot of people like this who play several times a week and never ever change their game, who always lose, and keep coming back. This again is usual for most anywhere. Just like all things in poker, you have a small percentage of guys who are good and most not that great...and then the few who want to see every flop, and sometimes get stupidliy lucky. As far as cash goes, I was told by another player that its a $100 a month fee plus $25 each time you visit... I don't know if this is the exact truth as I was told by a player, but I know that theres a fee to play cash, thats how they pay the charity. And thats how they get to do this legal in the state of Georgia. They have floor managers and staff...basically run just like a poker room, they are friendly and professional and do a pretty decent job, the dealers seem to know what they're doing, even in the Omaha8 games they seem to do just fine. Overall this is a pretty good place in my opinion, its not a casino, its a poker room, which eliminates all the table games and other stuff that you don't care about. The food from the restaurant is pretty good and the floor will take your order and deliver it to you at the tables. I had lasagna once and it was enough for 2 people and cost less than 20 bucks. One last thing that is a SUPER can buy in to the tournament with a debit card. They give you a buy in ticket exactly like a casino, and if you register online for a weekly tournament, they have bonuses in chips when you arrive, like 1000 or something. For tournament poker, I'll go here before I'll go to Cherokee...even it being about a half hour further. During the circuit events, they say people have come from several states away. That should tell you its a legit place. And I can vouch for that.

Food and Drink

Announcements from Little Kings and Queens

Open Sunday - Thursday 12PM to 2AM, Friday - Saturday 12PM - 3AM. Happy Hour 12PM to 4PM every day.

To Pre-register for the Sat $4K First at 12PM visit our website and go to Online Store, Tournaments...Final table will be streamed!

Sunday $150 NLH Freezeout at 1PM. Final table to be streamed!

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