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Johnny Vegas wrote a review about M Resort in Henderson, NV

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The room is nice and comfortable. I still think the tables are a little close together. Chairs are as comfortable as any poker room in Vegas.

Many of the same local poker players. Avg. competition.

I really paid attention to the dealers at this 4 hour session. Some a good, other average, and a couple bad. There was one hand when a lady didn't call the bet, reraise, reraise after the flop. Then she initiated the bet on the turn. When she bet, the first player-her husband said "I don't think you called the bets on the flop", and the 85 yr old second players had no clue. The dealer was totally confused and instead of counting the pot, he continued with the hand. The reality is that these dealers are similar to most other poker rooms.

They won me over-much faster service on my second visist. Great looking and really nice. This is an area where M has a huge advantage of GV Ranch.

Meet the Manager-Mel. Great guy, really nice and very accomodating. He went above and beyond to help us. I also saw him control the room when a player that wasn't on the list tried to sit down at a 4-8 game.

I'll move this from avg to good, since there are some many great places in the M to use your comps.

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