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Johnny Vegas wrote a review about M Resort in Henderson, NV

OK-overall has good vibe

Tables are close together and it felt cramped. I feels like a strip property-good energy and vibe. Tables and chairs are obviously new.

Same players as S. Point/GVR. Avg players.

Our first dealer was an angry young man-very unfriendly. The dealers are the similar to GVR/S.Point or many other properties. Some were good, and some were bad. I read so much about great customer service at the M, I was a little disapointed.

Under staffed. They were attractive and friendly, but we did go over an hour without service. My expectation was higher for the M.

Very understaffed. Could not get player card. They hired an older guy from GVR-I never thought he was that friendly or accomodating at GVR. South Point is superior in this area.

I'll say below avg. since we were unable to get player cards-the comp rate is $1/hr. Overall, all poker players should check out the property, but the room is nothing special. If you doing dinner and poker-the M will have a lot to offer.

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